Sunday, November 26, 2006

What the hell is up with O.J.

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"It's all blood money and unfortunately I had to join the jackals," Simpson told The Associated Press, referring to authors of books about him. "It helped me get out of debt and secure my homestead."

Simpson also said in telephone interviews this week that he saw the book as a way to provide for his children financially

Tsk, Tsk. You know, that I know, that we know that O.J. probably did it right?...but the great American Justus system (and yes I know how to spell) has provided a way for him to escape his fate. So why in the world pearl are you going to draw attention to a crime you were exonarated for? I don't get it. Did it for his kids? those KIDS are in their 20's. They are not kids, they are young adults who have some serious emotional problems.

The book, said to describe how he hypothetically would have killed ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, had been scheduled for release Nov. 30 following the airing of a two-part Simpson interview on Fox on Monday and Wednesday. News Corp., owner of Fox Broadcasting and publisher HarperCollins, canceled the project this week after it was condemned as revolting and exploitive.

and as a footnnote his book is selling tons on ebay.

Now Fox needs to be ashamed of themselves. I know it is sweeps week coming up but damn. Couldn't the station find some other way to draw viewership?

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