Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mary J and Keisha at War

on Oct 25, 2007 by Natasha

Miss Jones v. MJB and Keyshia Cole….Again

So Keyshia Cole hit up Miss Jones in the Morning yesterday and it was the same ol same ol–she’s not messing with Jeezy and she doesn’t even know him like that (or his tongue even though it’s been caught down his throat several times) and she wasn’t talking about Jeezy in that new Essence article and she wants to keep her personal life private and yada yada yada. But then Miss Jones begins her comparisons of MJB and Keyshia and ish gets ugly. We all know Jonesy had “issues” with certain folks and clearly Mary is one of them. As usual she started a laughing tirade about MJB and how she can’t sing. It’s rumored that Jonesy and crew have had beef with Mary in the past. Especially since in her book she blames her nonexistent singing career on Mary and others surpassing her on the scene.


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