Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Military Diversity
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus met yesterday with military leaders -- Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter, Marine Corps Commandant General James Conway, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent, the highest ranking enlisted Marine, and others -- to discuss their interest in increasing diversity in the senior officer ranks of the armed forces.

According to data compiled by the Pentagon, as of August 2007 there are 207,174 Commissioned Officers in the United States Military – 17,491 are African American, 51 are African American Flag Officers, 1 is an African American Four Star, 5,194 are African American females, and 3 are African American female Flag Officers.

There are 10,291 Hispanic American Commissioned Officers, 4 are Flag Officers, and 1 is a Four Star. Additionally, there are 743 African Americans, along with 29 multi-race members, at the Colonel/Captain level, compared with 10,142 Caucasians.

It is a shame, we have had so many different ethnic groups serving in the United States Military, dating back to the Civil War and still we have not had an significant advancement of minorities in the Armed Forces.

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