Friday, November 30, 2007

Valreca Redden Woman Abused by the Police

Electronic Village: Valreca Redden is Another Pregnant Black Woman Abused by the Police
This is a sad story shared by brother Wayne Hicks over on Electronics Village
It appears in Trotwood Ohio, that another black woman was tasered by the police. How many times do we have to hear these stories before something is done to make sure law enforcement agents are properly trained. I don't mean properly trained to restrain people, but properly trained to follow the procedures they learned at the Academy. The excuse was they did not "know" the woman was pregnant. Would that had made it better? Do we need to have the show "Cops" follow these officers around to guarantee the safety of of people who police are quick to react on? Sad, that is all I can say.


Da Vinci said...

unfortunately it's become so common that people don't's not just happening to black people either.

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iriegal said...

Da Vinci, the taser issue is not just a black and white thing, how true. It is an inhumane thing. It is like giving a kid a toy gun with real bullets and telling him have fun


give me a break.....
unprovoked taser?


What happened to the YES SIR-NO SIR-HERE IS MY furtive movements-eye to eye contact....

Pepper spray and taser and nightstick are non-lethal forms ....forget non-lethal just shoot their kneecaps----black-white-brown-yellow...bullets do not recognize race-color-age