Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Diddy News
First up Sean "Diddy" Combs won't face criminal charges for reportedly punching a man after a dispute at a trendy SoHo nightspot last month, prosecutors said Tuesday

What else is new? Money always talks.

Next Diddy finds a new "umbrella holder" (remember the flunky position that Fawnsworth had) from of all places Youtube. Hey, their are 3 other slots so get your video camera ready.

He said, "you have to have a college degree" to hold his umbrella. We know "Diddy" has one right? I am over here cracking up. A college degree to hold your umbrella and be as articulate as


1 comment:

Angelika said...

I was flabbergasted that he said that the applicants for the job had to have a college degree also!

The woman who got the job is an attorney!?!?

Maybe she thinks it's a stepping stone for bigger & better things...