Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MIchael Vick-Pled Guilty

ATLANTA, Georgia (AFP) The National Football League has slapped five members of the Atlanta Falcons with fines for showing support for their disgraced quarterback Michael Vick, American media reported Tuesday.

It is so important who you pick as your friends. I tell you what if my friends were guilty of doing something wrong. I surely would not be standing behind them (if they were obviously guilty). Sometimes we don't know our friends as much as we think we do.
Vick was sentenced to 23 months in jail on federal dogfighting charges the morning of Atlanta's December 10 game against the New Orleans Saints. If convicted, Vick could face a total of up to six years in prison and $350,000 in fines. He could face additional discipline by the NFL, even if he is not convicted.

To make matters worse, Peta has featured Vick in their holiday card section.

You put Michael in the Snow Globe and use the mouse to shake it. Wow, just in time for Christmas fun.

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