Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Get Out and Vote, Be Counted

No matter who you are supporting, I think it is important to go out and vote. I listen to lots of my friends who spend time complaining about the social services, health care issues, blah, blah. I asked them did they go and vote and support the propositions that could affect changes to their concerns.
Of course I hear the usual excuses, "I didn't have time," or "it won't make a difference."

Well you can't make a difference staying home. I support Obama, because I love his stratey on getting the troops out of Iraq. I feel strongly about this issue. One quote I love from Obama states,"The economic malaise, and the inequities; the costly and corrosive war in Iraq; the problems of having millions of Americans walking around without health insurance; unemployment....Obama says we must stop addressing these challenges as “Black problems,” or “White problems,” or “Latino problems.” He wants them to be dealt with as American problems.

I want a country that is not divided racially. A country that realizes that we stand stronger as a Nation when we put aside our physical differences and focus more on our commonalities. America's economic issues, health issues, social service issues, ect ..affects ALL AMERICANS. When a states proposition passes, it doesn't say, Okay, this is only mandated for black people, it states this bill will affect everyone from this state.

We need a new form of government. We tried this one and lets face it, it is not working. The economy is screwed up. Our health care system is a joke. Social Services seem to benefit the rich, but the poor can't afford to be a part of it. So I don't know if Barack is the solution, but I know that he brings a sense of hope for me.

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