Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hillary you got dumped Babe

That is the only expression I can think of when yesterday John Lewis defected from the Clinton camp. The 68 year old Democrat (who I might add is a superdelegate) said his decison was based on being on the side of history. I mean he realized that more then half his state voted for Barack.

Buoyed by his wins in 11 nominating contests in a row, Obama has eroded Clinton's lead in the superdelegate count heading into pivotal nominating contests on Tuesday in Texas and Ohio.

"Something is happening in America," Lewis said. I know he would be mad as hell if he wasn't a part of it.

Lewis said he had a "deep and abiding love" for Clinton and her husband, ex-president Bill Clinton, and said the New York senator was a "brilliant and capable candidate." He said he had tried and so far failed to talk to Clinton about his decision to defect, which he said was partly motivated by Obama's landslide in his district in the Georgia primary on February 5.

If I was John Lewis I wouldn't worry about it. A person who doesn't respect another person's right to choice is not a friend. Never was. Fences might be mended after the election, but I doubt it.

Speaking on a Houston television station, Clinton said Lewis had been under "tremendous pressure" over his choice, "but he's been my friend and he will always be my friend."

As I stated I don't see that relationship healing itself.



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