Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wendy Williams Husband in Hot Water

Here we go again. That want to be woman, Wendy Williams is in hot water again. Always some controversy with this chick. It is "alledged" that her husband made a sexual gesture (well several) to Nicole Spence (a talent booker).

Miss Spence , filed a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Monday (March 14) where she alleged that Williams' husband and manager, 33-year-old Kevin Hunter, harassed her on a daily basis, propositioning her for sex on numerous occasions.

Well, come on Miss Spence, look at Wendy. I know that is cold, but she is not any beauty queen. That is no reason to make advances towards anyone though, (especially since he is married).

Well Wendy Williams response to her allegations against her husband was
"Her allegations are totally false. This bitch is out of her mind."



Anonymous said...

I think Ms. Williams' comment that "this BITCH is out of her mind" was rude, crude and indicative of HER true CHARACTER!

Aquarius24 said...

I think Ms. Williams' response that "this BITCH is out of her mind" gives an indication of her TRUE character! (NOT ANY) Now HOW U DOIN, Wendy?