Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, I try almost anything new when it comes to traffic promotion. I just stumbled on this new link exchange, BlogUpp . I actually found it on Stumbleupon.
If you know about Entrecard are Spottt has a good idea of what they do. BlogUpp is another link exchange/banner exchange service for your blog.

You simply put in your URL, grab your code, add it to your site and BlogUpp does the other work for you, like category placement and adding others to your widget.


The one thing I do find interesting is the way that the sites are displayed on the BlogUpp widget and it is a lot different that the others. There is no need to upload an image, the screenshot is automatically taken from your blog. When someone rolls over your screenshot your recent post is shown from your RSS.

The Exchange Ratio is a little nicer than Spottt and Blogrush with a 10:9 exchange rate. The is a comparison chart at the BlogUpp blog that shows the differences between there service verses Entrecard, Spottt and BlogRush. See the chart.

Some other differences - from the BlogUpp site:

  • No registration and no account required
  • No email and privacy exposure
  • No ad submission and no efforts
  • No animation and annoying ads
  • Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  • WordPress platform and alike friendly
  • Targeted readers reach
  • Welcome bonus for everyone
  • Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9)
  • SEO freindly links exchange
  • Designed for blogs but any site with an RSS can use it.
Well, I am going to give it a shot and see how it works, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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