Monday, April 28, 2008

Michael Jackson- In the Studio Again


Well, Mike is trying to get himself back in the limelight again (with everyone he owes this might be good strategy). He has reportedly hired Akon and Redone to produce his album. I think he should of gotten Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, if he watched the success of his sister (Janet) in the past.

This is why I encourage my children to finish college. It is nothing sadder than to watch people have no other talent but being and entertainer. (and you and I know you can't get a job at Macy's with that being the only thing on the application).

Mike has also reportedly banned his kids and women from the studio. I feel aside from banning his own kids, maybe he needs to ban other folks er...ahem...boy kids as well. I mean I am just saying.

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Regina said...

Huummmm, a new MJ album? Well I guess he needs the money! We'll wait and see how this project turns out, I don't remember when he last had a good album out...