Friday, April 18, 2008

Od School Friday- For The Grown Folks

Ms Grapevine and MarvalusOne have teamed up to create a meme titled Old School Friday and since I love music I had to sign up to join! If you want to join in the Old School Fun then go HERE
for the guidelines.
These songs so represent my heart. Love is truly a complicated thing, however it is the one emotion that can transcend decades.

Alexander O' Neal was the man back in the day. Damn, I would of drank his bath

I wonder what happened to this group. I thought Hi Five was gonna blow up


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Villager said...

Happy OSF! Alexander O'Neal was good ... but, he wasn't THAT GOOD (smile)...

My Old School Friday posting today features The Whispers.

peace, Villager

iriegal said...

oh you talk about

I gotta admit The Whispers were the men back in the day. Great choice

Rosemarie said...

"I only think of you on two occasions..."

This brought me back!

I'm wondering why Baby Face is single.

MrsGrapevine said...

I was just watching Alexander O'Neal videos on VH1 Soul last weekend. I love his music, but he could not act, even in videos.

Hi Five: Well Tony the lead singers hangs out frequently in clubs here in Dallas. He still uses his Hi-Five fame to work the ladies. SMH! Anyway, on a positive note this was the group back in the day, and Waco was cracking hits with Hi-Five and Tevinn Campbell. I Can't Wait Another Minute was the jam.

How can you have an old school meme without the Deele? I'm surprised this song hasn't been played already.

Regina said...

Alexander thought he was the man!
and I absolutely love "Two Occasions" that is definately a classic!
High 5 was ok but gone in a NY minute!