Friday, April 25, 2008

Wright says Obama Responded as a Politician

Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama

Well, isn't that what Barack Obama is? People can be friends in life but not always share the same views. This is what messed up Jesse Jackson an Al Sharpton when they tried to run. They mixed church and political views. In my mind God can guide me to my destination, but I first got to find my own transportation.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's longtime pastor, said he isn't troubled by his onetime spiritual protégé's denunciation of his past remarks, calling the reaction part of politics.

``He's a politician, I'm a pastor. We speak to two difference audiences,'' Wright said in an interview with the PBS program ``Bill Moyers Journal'' scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow. ``I do what I do. He does what politicians do.''

The Illinois senator said in a speech last month that portions of Wright's sermons condemning the U.S. were ``not only wrong but divisive'' and presented a ``profoundly distorted view'' of the nation.

Wright, 66, who called the reaction to his words ``unfair,'' said Obama ``responded as a politician'' when he gave his speech on Wright and race relations in Philadelphia.

My feelings are my pastor is to administer to my spiritual healing an awareness, not dictate my political belief.

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