Friday, May 09, 2008

Star Jones Upset About Mention in Barbara Walter's Book

Barbara Walters/Star Jones

Star Jones is apparently angry over being mentioned in Barbara Walters Book. Well, how can you write a "true" autobiography of your life if you don't mention aspects of your life? Although I don't know why Barbara felt it necessary to write this "tell all," she can mention who she likes.

"It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book. It speaks to her true character," Jones told Us Weekly magazine.


Believer 1964 said...

Listen, we better all careful someone is writing about us! ;)

The only problem is that when you're in the public eye like Star and Barbara there are trade offs. Nothing of your life is hidden or private.

Star made a valid point though, but after hearing what Barbara said about her, who's perfect here.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I'm sure someone is writing about me. ;-) j/k I don't think Star should be surprised, but I understand why she's upset.

iriegal said...

Well,believer and Shae Shae, I agree we all have someone penning their memoirs about us. I feel my life would be fiction (so good look in them reproducing my biography).

Well, neither Star are Barbara did right. So we reap what we sow. Both loved the limelight, so both must accept positive and negative statements.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Walter's life was influenced greatly by her older sister and she's written a beautiful memoir about her life. I read another memoir of a life influence by a sibling that I recommend highly - I actually liked it even more. The memoir is ""My Stroke of Insight"" by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. Dr Taylor became a Harvard brain scientist to find the cause and cure for schizophrenia because her older brother was a sufferer. Then, crazy as life can be, Dr. Taylor had a stroke at age 37. What was amazing was that her left brain was shut down by the stroke - where language and thinking occur - but her right brain was fully functioning. She experienced bliss and nirvana and the way she writes about it (or talks about it in her now famous TED talk) is incredible.

What I took away from Dr. Taylor's book above all, and why I recommend it so highly, is that you don't have to have a stroke or take drugs to find the deep inner peace that she talks about. Her book explains how. ""I want what she's having"", and thanks to this wonderful book, I can!