Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Hymie Town To Nuts

Well, one thing Jesse Jackson has learned is that when your are "dissing" someone to turn your mike off.


Though many people have denied this campaign is race based, I find it very hard to not believe this when apparently "race" and "color" is a dominant factor. Their is no denying that Obama has his work cut out to "appease" many in the African American community and also try to show the rest of the country that he is a President that will support all cultures.

Jackson's criticism about Barack and his fathers day speech is one that has indeed struck a nerve with many African American men. The fact is their "ARE" a vast amount of absentee father's within the black community. Barack (like Bill Cosby) spoke about issues that many of us have pushed under the rug. Jesse Jackson, like Al Shaprton, ran their campaigns from a "Black only"perspective. They were "militant' stances throughout their nomination processes.

America is looking for a President who will not only represent the black community, but all the communities within its borders. I feel Obama can achieve this goal.

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