Friday, July 11, 2008

Old School Friday-Old School Hip Hop

Well, I was bummed out I missed last weeks installment of Old School Friday. I just completed my move last week an it has just been this crazy roller coaster. Having been raised in New York City and subjected to countless "bad ass" basement parties I love this weeks theme.

Contrary to what many may say Rap can trace its origins directly from Jamaican Dub Reggae & Jamaican style toasting. It is a fact that isn’t talked about by many in the main stream media but many of the early pioneers (DJ Herc) and newer rappers (Busta Rhymes, Notorious B.I.G and Redman) in the American rap era are Jamaican immigrants or children of Jamaican immigrants in NY. One does not have to look very far to see the relationship between the two as we now see rap and dancehall reggae merging. This would not be possible if there were not the similarities as the child is now beginning to return to the parent. Jamaican dejaying came out of a form a rhyming and talking over music called “Toasting”. Rapping began as a variation on the toasting

Below is U Roy doing his "toasting" over a constant beat.

However in the United States this was the Jam below that set it off for the rap world. ....

The history making first ever rap record/song on vinyl LP was King Tim III (Personality Jock) done by Rap pioneer Mr. Tim Washington from New York in 1979 music by The Fatback Band

I was just in love with this dude. Back in the 80's this was one of my key words," Ain't no half stepping."

Antonio Hardy (born September 10, 1968 in Brooklyn, New York), better known by his stage name, Big Daddy Kane, is an African-American rapper. Widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all-time, he started his career in 1986 as a member of the legendary rap group, The Juice Crew.

This was my girl back in the day. She had a bit of rough start trying to compete with the fellas, but Lyte did her thing.

Lana Michele Moorer on October 11, 1971 in Brooklyn, New York)[1] is a female rap artistAudio Two.

Gotta do a special recognition to Tupac and Biggie (sadly two great artist lost in the hip hop community).

and the younger sister of Milk Dee and Gizmo, who recorded under the name of TUPAC



and because Iriegal don't follow no rules....I am gonna post some more cause DIS is my favorite me some hip hop iyah!

and this joint was many in the inner cities anthem for the 80's ...

Ms Grapevine and MarvalusOne have teamed up to create a meme titled Old School Friday and since I love my music I had to sign up to join! To join in the Old School Friday Fun go Here
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ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

So I'm thinking you were feeling this week's theme? LOL You went all out and I'm loving it. Hapy OSF. :-)

Ensayn1 said...

Iriegal, Ensayn back again. I U.S. Born and raised with ties to Panama, Reggae/Dancehall music is my favorite form of music although I love my P-Funk, Blues, Soul and of course Hip Hop (I give some dap to the Soca folk as well), Black American music and Jamaican music have intertwined for many many decades and Hip Hip, I believe is much greater than a baby returning to its mother but a true convergence of a musical prophecy really coming into its own. I am happy to see you post this I just wrote something similar here
Just last week!

MrsGrapevine said...

You went through the list, I can tell you loved this week's theme. So many I don't know where to start. I chose Tupac because he's my favorite, and Biggie, just had mad talent. Roughneck was the anthem, although I was like 11 or 12 when it came out.

Regina said...

You got a whole block party going on up in here!!!
I tried to keep myself contained because this theme could have you posting videos for days!!
I started to post "Ruff neck" but decided to go with Yo Yo! But I enjoyed watching vids all night including Milk & Giz'z "Top Billing"!
Have a good weekend!

MsMarvalus said... went THERE!!!'s all the ups to Big and Pac...and the history lesson.

Happy OSF!!

Villager said...

Happy OSF! I enjoyed the education along with the music. I didn't know most of the artists that you posted. Live and learn every day!

Thank you for visiting my old school hip-hop choices for this week's OSF theme. I invite your blog readers to check out Gil Scot-Heron and The Last Poets if they have time or inclinaton.

peace, Villager

clnmike said...

Your on point with the contribution of Jamaicans to Hip-Hop. MCs of Jamaican descent reads like a whose whose of Hip-Hop hall of fame. Great choices.