Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ciara- Was this Really Necessary?

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Why do young women feel that in order to say they have "made it," go out and pose nude? Janet (with the hands over her fake breast)...and the list goes on.

Ciara is a wonderful dancer. I would not say she is a wonderful singer, but that is my opinion. I think Bow Wow was too calm and lame for her. After getting (completely) turned out by 50 cents she had now evolved to this level. I am sorry, but I don't find this cover complimentary at all.



Hey gal! Long time no hear...thx for stopping and showing love at You Better Recognize.

Re: Ciara, I'm sure they'll call those pics-ART. I'm not sure her reasons for such pics bcuz her career has been established. It's sad, but I guess she's flaunting it while she still has it. I guess.

clnmike said...

She is just trying to compete with all the other T&A artists out there. The system is at fault.

Anonymous said...

i really wish she hadn't done this. she is an artist, not a nude model! if she is not respected for her craft at this stage, then she won't get it, but sittin' butt-naked on the cover of a hip-hop magazine, isn't going to make anyone respect her anymore than they do now.

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