Thursday, September 04, 2008

Floyd Mayweather

It appears the rumor mills are true. Boxer Floyd Mayweather was robbed of about 7.2 million
dollars worth of jewelry, from his Las Vegas home.

Investigator K.W. Hasan of Sherbrooke Jelan & Associates in Ellenwood, Ga., said Wednesday that he's sure someone knows who broke in while Mayweather was away.

Las Vegas police spokesman, Officer Jacinto Rivera, says Crime Stoppers of Nevada also has posted a $2,000 reward.

Who keeps 7.2 million dollars worth of jewelry in their home? Isn't that what safe deposit boxes are for in banks? I feel he might of been telling someone or showing off and let someone see where the jewelry was stashed.

Apparently, the house wasn’t armed, there were no cameras and no guards. Now there are. Money should have had that covered.

To cash in on the reward or help with the crime, check out Sherbrooke, Jelan and Associates at (678) 457-5858 or (404) 786-1321. You can even remain anonymous.

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