Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Effigy

I am originally from Jamaica. I say this because I spent the earlier part of my life (before coming to this country) having to deal with a country with political violence in its background. So when I see people put so much emotion into an individual's right to vote it bothers me. This democratic freedom is something that many have fought for so many years ago. It is sad when people make a mockery of this.

Hanging political figures (as a sign of either protest or some sad satirical humor) is just wrong, in my opinion. I don't care WHAT party does it.

Yesterday, a life-sized likeness of Barack Obama was found hanging from a tree with a noose around its neck on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The effigy was found in a high-traffic area between a classroom building and parking garage. Police immediately took it down but released no information about their investigation.

Last month a cardboard effigy of Obama was found hanging from a tree on the Oregon campus of George Fox University. Taped upon the likeness was a sign that read "Act Six reject," referring to scholarship program for minority and low-income students.

An effigy of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hanging from a noose.The First Amendment tester who came up with the idea says it's in the spirit of Halloween

(* all have since been removed).

Why do they think this is acceptable behavior?

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Believer 1964 said...

Hey Iriegal! It's been a busy week so I'm just now getting here. Please excuse the delay.

On another note, I couldn’t see the comments for this post. I know a trick to click on the link of the particular post and then look for comments that way. Where there's a will there's a way!

I don't like this one bit either, but I take seriously what you say being from another country where politics are on a whole other level.

Let's hope and pray we aren't headed that way.