Thursday, October 09, 2008

Which One? or "that one?"

I generally don't comment on too many things going on in the political arena lately. I would be typing here all day long, however watching the recent political debate this past Tuesday and hearing the comment (along with gesture) by McCain, towards Barack Obama, I had to write.

You know it this was the "beginning" of the process for a Presidential Candidate McCain would surely have put himself in jeopardy with that comment. Now, we just blame it on "senility' and "ignorance." To me it just speaks to the fundamental belief of racism in our society. (yes I went there). That gesture was to indicate that this man is considered beneath him. I am quite sure you would never see that gesture given to Hillary Clinton or any other candidate. It just reeks of disrespect.

Even though he may or maynot have known the racial overtones of such a gesture and statement, it also speaks to his lack of cultural awareness. When at a recent Palin rally a man shouted out "kill him" and Palin did not publicly condemn such actions this just shows the whole mentality of both Palin and McCain. People will react the way you react. So this gesture (and he has yet to apologize to Obama) was not lost on many in their camp. (as well as ALL of us in the black community.

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SjP said...

McCain's true colors are showing! Proves he'll stop at absolutely nothing!

I invite your readers to listen to my OSF selection and read yesterday's post For Sistas Only