Sunday, October 05, 2008

Will O.J. Make it in Prison?

O.J's downfall was that so many people felt he got away with murder. The fact the verdict came13 years after his now notorious murder trial does not escape me. Now why he would not in those 13 years have remained quiet and sedate and just lived out life, escapes me

Simpson's well-publicized legal troubles since then, were even more influential in the guilty verdict than the racial makeup of the jury, said John Momot, a well-known Las Vegas-based criminal defense attorney who represented Sandy Murphy in the high-profile Ted Binion murder trial.

The fact is 5 of the twelve jurors wrote that they disagreed with the 1995 acquittal.

"I think he did it -- but I wasn't there to hear the case so I really can't say," wrote Sherian Sue Eckart, a juror who works as a teller handling money transactions.

"I don't believe the jury considered the facts," wrote juror Ruth Ann Horschmann, who works for a small adoption agency.

So the question is with Simpson and his co-defendant, Clarence Stewart convicted on all 12 counts, will he make it in the prison system. Here is a man who is used to the "finer" things in life. He is in his early 60's, and he is a high profile prisoner. Somehow I think O.J. will be just fine in prison. He still has the money that will make prison life okay.

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shae-shae said...

Who cares? He hasn't been able to 'make it' since he was pronounced not guilty. He's been lost ever since.