Monday, December 22, 2008

Danita Marsh Petition

Officer Danita Marsh

I received an email from my friend , with a petition, requesting that Officer Danita Marsh, who was ambushed while sitting in her patrol car on October 27, 2006, be given an Extreme Makeover -Home Edition. (Story Here). The petition was suppose to have been initiated by the Nashville Police Department.

I said I was going to sign it, then I started thinking, what made Danita Marsh's story more unique then any of the other officers that have become disabled in the line of duty? I know many of my readers have family members that are both in law enforcement (as well as other dangerous professions), who risk their lives everyday.

So of course she got ticked at me, because I had he "gall" to question something that was sent to my private email box. First off I don't open all forwards, because folks really just be cleaning out their mailboxes send any old stuff to you.

Okay now check this out! On further research I found out that the Nashville Police Department were not the ones who even initiated this email for petition for Danita Marsh


*The email campaign petition for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition nomination was not started by the Metropolitan Police Department but is speculated to have been started by a concerned citizen. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told that this petition campaign would not apply in the case of Officer Marsh because she is not a home owner. The Nashville 100 club organization is making an effort to provide special housing for Officer Marsh and information for making tax deductible contributions to assist Officer Marsh can be found on the releases.

Yeah I forwarded THAT to my homegirl too. So please before FORWARD something to someone, please check the source properly.


Hey Shae! said...

LOL Good for you! I get emails like that all the time but I go to Snopes and MythBusters to make sure I stop the chain of BS before it gets out of hand. ;-)

Believer 1964 said...

I dislike petitions in an email and never ever participate. I don't get them anyway!

Officer Marsh and her son do need help though.