Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mistakes For 2008

These were just plain wrong. Some of these folks had NO REASON to even have the "press" or "face time" they did this year.

WHAT WERE THE REPUBLICANS THINKING? And she was a contender for "TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR"...good grief Charlie Brown

The Obama Girl, Amber Lee. Well, talk about an advertisizing gimmick. This woman took 3 minutes of fame on YOUTUBE and made it a career. I wonder if Obam will offer her a "press" position in his cabinet. I think she should ask.

Joe the Plummer, just a waste of printing space.

Britney Spears, She left the scene, She came back, She left, She came back...blah blah blah

The Utah Polygamist- We took their kids, We gave back their kids, and where are they now?
Right back in the same situation they were in before. We stop sending aid to DARFUR because this dominated the media.

and I am draw blanks so you guys can add your own "mistakes for 2008" but one that I KNOW was a big mistake happened to this poor grandma

This lady became a media success on Youtube for her reaction after watching
"2 girls one cup." (that was one nassy video).

Whew...what a year..WAIT, its not over yet....oh LAWD!


SjP said...

Now I need to watch the original 2 girls one cup video but I'm afraid to! LOL! Grandma's reaction is priceless! LOL

Believer 1964 said...

I don't need to watch that mess! Grandma's reaction is enough warning for me thank you very much.