Monday, December 08, 2008

Obama's Citzenship Appeal Rejected

Goodness folks give it a rest already. The man is "GOING" to be President- DUH! This statement goes out to the New Jersey man who questioned President-elect Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency, based on his birth to a father from Kenya and a mother who was a United States citizen.

Now, Obama was "born" in the United States, last I heard that made you a citizen of this country. If were to base citizenship on our parents, then I assume NO ONE in this country would be legally deemed a citizen. This country was formed on the sweat and toil of immigrants. I think history can bear witness to that. So many of the people from Ireland, Poland, Yugoslovia, and the list goes on who eons ago sought the "freedom" that this country offered whose gave birth to children in this country should now have to have their childrens freedom questioned?

State health officials in Hawaii have declared that Mr. Obama was born there in August of 1961, and is a United States citizen, (see .

Source: Supreme Court decision

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2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm so glad they yanked this. What I heard initially was that they were claiming his mother didn't actually deliver him in the U.S. Either way, I wish those sore losers would go sit down and shut up already.