Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aretha's Hat

Everyone was talking about it. Whispers going through the crowd, What was Aretha Franklin wearing. You know it is like a bridesmaid trying to upstage the bride. Come on now Aretha. This is the inauguration. Why would you take away from the eloquent moment with that hat on.

I love the Queen of Soul and she will always be the Queen of Soul, but I just (and it is my opinion) she should of let someone else sing.

Man, I miss days of the real Queen, Mahalia Jackson. Now that was a singer.
My daughter is sitting beside me hitting me as I am writing this saying, "why you always have to be so critical." Well, I told her years ago we would not say what we thought, we would smile and say everything in the world was alright. I told her TODAY, I have a BLACK PRESIDENT and IRIEGAL can write her OWN opinions, because for one today I feel that Blacks have now just started being a part of America.
So if I wanna talk about Aretha's Hat, her voice, the dog that peed on the lawn, it is now MY PREROGATIVE.

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