Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rihanna- enough already

My girlfriend sent me the link to Rihanna's picture (the one which was allegedly showing her face beaten). I sent it back to her with the (the email), link unopened. I told her I am NOT going to contribute to the "yellow journalism" that TMZ or any of these other sites are doing by showing her face.

I asked her did she "contribute" to a "domestic violence" victim's fund after viewing that image? Of course she didn't reply. I know she is pissed off at me. Well, it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.

Almost every magazine had this woman's image on their front cover. Now, these magazines are distributed internationally, no wonder we have all these other countries thinking that we are a group of "pop fan" obsessed folks. News of the new stimulus package in the middle page, Rihanna on the front.

Don't get me wrong it is not that I am not sympathetic for Rihanna. It is that I am not sympathetic from the people who are using her for their own monetary gains. What next T-shirts with her image on the front as the poster child for "Domestic Violence?"

Chris Brown and many people with his anger issues need help. I think of the many women and men who have been victims of domestic violence that don't have this kind of publicity, that get lost in the paperwork shuffle at the police station (if it indeed ever gets reported).

So no, I will not buy any of those "rag" magazines or even acknowledge the low TMZ journalist that would sell their mother for a story. I think it is sad and pathetic.

My prayers go out to Rihanna and Chris Brown, that both of them can get the counseling and help their need.

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