Saturday, March 14, 2009

Change is Gonna Come

This is a video from one of my YouTube friends....I love it. The hypocrisy in this country is that we say we don't see color, but the reality is we do. We often talk about dating outside our race, but fail to understand that the word "Race" is a deceptive thing. We want to tell folks how much "mixture" we have(black, white, hispanic, and the list goes on), but we claim to be only ONE of these things when we apply for jobs, do the census, or get student loans.

America, we have a President that embodies all the diversity this country offers. America recognizes him as a black President by virtue of his skin tone, but his kids recognize him only as daddy. Smiley and her husband constantly get attack on YouTube, but not by people who show their face, but by "anonymous" folks who want to hide behind folks who HID behind SHEETS.

I date for LOVE...and for someone who is going to treat me right. I brought up my kids to do the same. I live in a 97% white area. My kids went to school in this area. My first love is for the black man. That is my preference, however I have learned that I am not going to dismiss someone who treats me right for a "preference."

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