Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Great Educator- Cornell Bell

I am always amazed at the lack of reporting of anyone who was a prominent part of black history dying. Cornell Bell left a legacy for many black at Purdue University. He died last week at age 86, had no children of his own, but he had an extended family of hundreds of minority students he recruited to Purdue University during his 37-year career at the Krannert School.

Cornell Bell's was a part of an informal network of black scholars across the United States,who helped promising black students get into top schools, find careers in corporate America and, ultimately, realize their fullest potential.

He will be sadly missed.

For more about this wonderful educator click here----> HERE


Anonymous said...

I considered Doc a close friend. I TA'ed for him 1991-1993. I joined him at his step father's Funeral. I photographed he and his wife many times. He and I met in 1990 at the LA MBA Forum. We clicked at the first minute. Less than 1 year later I was attending Krannert but had never before even stepped foot in Indiana.
I missed him before his departure. We spent many hours in his office chatting away the evenings.
I will continue to miss him, pretend he is still here and review again in my mind all our insane conversations.

Anonymous said...

Great site darkchild

Anonymous said...

But you must remove his age..this was a closely held secret!