Sunday, March 01, 2009

We just finished Black History Month and I was surprised this story did not get the recognition it deserved. On February 12, 2009,Atlanta-based Delta Connection carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines recently flew the airline industry’s first commercial jet flight operated by an all-female African-American crew. Captain Rachelle Jones, first officer Stephanie Grant and flight attendants Diana Galloway and Robin Rogers made up the crew.
Sadly if these ladies had been involved in some drunken brawl or some sex scandal it would of made front page news, not to mention TMZ picking up the story.

Rachelle Jones has actually had it circulating around the internet to even get the recognition she deserves.

Isn't this how for years the accomplishments of our sisters and brothers have gone, buried on page six of some newspaper.

Rachelle Jones is one of only ten black female airline captains in the country. She used to be a customer service agent for Delta. Piloting was never on her radar until a friend suggested it.

Please congratulate the crew at

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Nee-Nee Kroeger said...

Congradulations to Ms Jones and the rest of the crew.

Thanks for the link because I had no idea.

iriegal said...

Indeed they are wonderful women, who deserve all the recognition they get