Friday, March 13, 2009

A New Kind of Weight Loss Plan

Well I want to join this weight loss plan. At the Gospel Water Branch Baptist Church near Augusta Ga,they had 35 members of their church participate in a "Fit Body and Soul program." This program was adapted from the U.S National Institutes of Health-sponsored Diabetes Prevention Program.

By the end of this program, 16 of the 35 participants had lost 5 % or more of their starting weight, and about 26& had lost 7% or more.

I feel this can work because church for many is a main source of support in their life. You can go out and exercise and maybe even modify your diet, however without a large amount of self-discipline and exercise, the weight will return.


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Marie said...

But I felt like I needed to make some sort of explanation for why many days and weeks were passing by with nary a blog post over here. I did not want to be writing (here) about every weigh-in, workout session, food choice and emotion associated with this journey.  I am trying to balance things, but honestly, I am preoccupied.