Friday, March 20, 2009

Words of Love to Hagar's Daughter


Although we have never met, your words have always left me with this sense of peace. I read your latest post, "Are You Scared." Sometimes we suffer in silence because we know the reality is the world doesn't want to hear our pain. Everyday is a testimony to the struggle of continuing on the journey. Am I scared? Yes I am as well, but then I know I have to continue to exist. It is all I know how to do

We often ask ourselves, why am I here. Then we look at the faces of our children, friends, and others who we share that experience call, "love" and we know. We know we continue to exist because we are bonded by so many around us. We feel that love and support, we give and it is given back to us in three-fold.

Sister Hagar, each day for me is indeed a struggle, health and otherwise, but I continue this journey as you do with your illness. My fear is a life of loneliness, but when I look at my beautiful children (my most precious gifts), I know that I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren, my kids marrying, and that one day miracle of my daughter with Autism speaking and understanding.

I remember this song has helped me through many trials in my life, so my dear sister, I would like to share this song with you.



Revvy Rev said...


Marvalus said...

So true...and so beautiful...

SjP said...

Amen! and Amen!

Hagar's Daughter said...


Your words are so true, so warm, so rich, and so powerful. I am truly moved by your kindness and your willingness to share. I am touched by your compassion.

Thank you for reaching out to me and by doing so touching others as well.

I feel like going on...