Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Man Threw Baby From Car

Police say infant Emanuel Murray died after his mother's ex-boyfriend threw him from a car on a Florida interstate.

A Florida man threw a 4-month-old boy out the window of a moving car Tuesday after a fight with the infant's mother, investigators said.Emanuel Murray's body was found by a passing motorist on Interstate 275 early Tuesday morning, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department said. His mother's ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Anthony McTear Jr., has been charged with first-degree murder, the department said.

Ladies, please review the background of someone you are entering into a relationship with. If that man is beating on you, he probably has some anger issues. He needs some counseling. Don't wait until a tragedy (as in the story reported here) wakes you up to get out of that relationship.


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Regina said...

Vulgar and disgusting...
I have no words.........