Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Bigot Peter King

I think this guy should get an award for Jerk of the month (though sadly I feel other jerks will surpass his comments). Okay, you don't like Michael Jackson, I get it. However, why when a family has lost their love ones do you have to make stupid comments.

King was quoted as saying, "was a pervert, child molester, he was a pedophile." I can understand if he said, "I believe that Michael Jackson was all of the above, but he stated it like the knew something the jurors that acquitted him did not.
This was the same King who in 2006 stated he thought the Wall Street Journal and the L.A. Times be investigated, because he believed that the news reports of the Bush Admin's use of the CIA and other departments to monitor of international financial transactions warranted such and investigation.

This is the same King who tried to get Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (another piece of work) to begin this investigation. He was quoted as saying, "We're at war and for the Times to release information is treasonous."

Well, you have your JOB to represent NYC..and you are worried about a man who in 2005 was acquitted of child molestation charges by a government whose Judicial process you claim to represent.

How do you "prove" this accusation to this man's 3 children. The two oldest can read, and I know it saddens them with all the craziness they have had to read lately about the man they called, "Daddy." How self righteous and pompous can this man be.

When last did Peter King dig in is pocket and give any money to the poor people in his area, much less his state. When last did he lobby to have funds prorated to any known charity.

Shame on you Peter King

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