Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Steele Says We Need To Get Back to Our Roots

We have a connection, and it is important and appropriate to recognize that," Steele said in a speech, hearkening back to his roots in his local NAACP chapter in Prince George's County. "We have a historic link."

I just have to say, "what roots?" Wow, the Republican Party is getting desperate huh? I love this quote from the Washington Post. This was quoted from Steele 5 years ago when Bush did not want to attend the NAACP's Convention, Steele said Bush was "not hurting himself at all" by not appearing and that the group's leadership had "put the NAACP dangerously close to being branded as just an arm of the Democratic Party."

Well I think this "tactic" might help reimage the GOP, but I am sorry I am just not feeling this guy. (at all)


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