Monday, September 21, 2009

Hassani Campbell- Still Missing

4:00 in the afternoon of August 12th, 5-year old Hassani Campbell was reported missing.
Louis Ross, the boy's foster father, parked in back of Shuz of Rockridge to drop off Hassani and his sister with their Aunt. When Ross got out of the car he carried the 1 year old with him and left Hassani in the car. When he went back, the child was gone.

The FBI has joined in the search for Hassani and have used search and rescue dogs to search the shoe store and the boy's home in Fremont, California.

Louis Ross and his fiancee, Jennifer Campbell, Hassani's foster mother and biological Aunt, were both arrested. Ross on suspicion of murder and Campbell on suspicion of being an accessory to murder, but the DA's office felt that there was a lack of evidence in the case and Campbell was released after the weekend and Ross was released Tuesday.

Everyday a black child in America goes missing. They don't make it to the front pages, their parents don't often make it to the Larry King Show or the TODAY SHOW. As a blogger, I know many people read my blogs. Hopefully someone reading this has seen Hassani Campbell or knows something that can help bring this precious angel back to his family. If indeed Mr. Louis Ross has something to do with his disappearance, he better believe their is indeed a God watching him.

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