Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mark Anthony Barmore- Causing A Racial Divide in Rockford

(photo) Barmore funeral 7
SCOTT MORGAN(image Source)
The Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009, during the burial of Mark Anthony Barmore at Greenwood Cemetery in Rockford.

The community of Rockford, Illionois is pissed off, and rightly so. On August 24, police officers Oda Poole and Stan Northy were involved in the fatal shooting of 23 year old Mark Anthony Barmore at Kingdom International Ministries Church. He was wanted for questioning regarding an incident the previous day.

Two witnesses say that Mark Anthony Barmore had ran into a boiler/storage room. The police shined a flashlight in the room and ordered Barmore to come out. Witnesses say that Barmore proceeded slowly to walk out with both hands up and his head down. But then, the police shot him and according to one eyewitness, after Barmore had been shot numerous times and was on the floor, one officer continued to shoot, with a final bullet to Barmore's head. It is reported that the police fired 8 rounds.

The police allege that Barmore fought with them trying to get an officers gun.

Barmore was killed in the daycare center within the hearing and sight of children.

The communty of Rockford, Illonois can't take anymore.
Barmore's death has become a symbol of unequal opportunities in this manufacturing town of about 160,000 where blacks lag far behind whites in jobs, education and income. The meandering Rock River divides the town largely along racial lines -- whites on the east and blacks on the west, where aging and shuttered buildings line streets. If we were to change the date to 1952, wouldn't it be the same. Racial divides still plague our country. It doesn't matter if we had a "BLUE," President, racism in American still prevails.

Source: CBS NEWS


Hey Shae! said...

OMG this is outrageous! WTH is going on with the police these days? I have a friend in Rockford, I need to give her a call. Wow, that could have easily been her family daycare. This world is falling apart.

iriegal said...

Shae, and to top it off the children witnessed the shooting. The daycare providers were trying to shield the children, but come on, blood flowing on the ground cannot be covered up

Rich said...

Okay, first off, if you don't live here, you shouldn't comment on what happens here. Rockford is a nice town, and most of us get along very nicely. This case is more than just a man who was hiding in a daycare. It is a case of a known violator, evading police, in connection with a domestic violence complaint against him. He also has a court record of violence and assault on police with a weapon. He ran into a daycare, putting the children in danger. The operators of the daycare let him hide in the daycare. The police were acting on the information that they had and the record that Barmore had on file. While the incident was horrific for the kids, what would have happened if Barmore would have been able to take the gun from the police officer? There is no winner in this situation. Oh, and iriegal, if the daycare providers wanted to shield the children, they should not have let him into the daycare in the first place.

Marcus said...

Rich works as the puppy-decapitation farm, by the way.

Anonymous said...

First of all you do not need to live in a city to know when wrong is done. One shot ok 2 shots dang more 8 is ridiculous. Then one to the head, sounds like they were trying to make sure he was dead. It was very excessive. If the guy was white and the officers were black the same comment would be made...It was excessive deadly force point blank

Anonymous said...

The case was settled in a court of law. Independent investigations were held, evidence was gathered and presented, and the police were found not to be at fault. I won't deny that there is a lot of racism in the world, yet I trust in judicial system. The investigations were no doubt very thorough, if it were the other way around, and the police were found to be at fault, I would have supported that too.

Jonathan said...

Same ol' thang. How much have we heard about this in the news ? When police murder our people, you don't hear the news about it, they try to quiet it down, yet when police is victims of reaction of our people towards oppression, they call it outrageous, and the bashing starts in the media.

First it was the New World when they took us from Africa, now it's the New World Order, just to remind us of how free black folks are.

Open your eyes, let's get free!