Wednesday, September 16, 2009

President's Comment about Kanye West Made Public

NEW YORK – President Barack Obama's candid thoughts about Kanye West are provoking a debate over standards of journalism in the Twitter age.

ABC News says it was wrong for its employees to tweet that Obama had called West a "jackass" for the rapper's treatment of country singer Taylor Swift. The network said some of its employees had overheard a conversation between the president and CNBC's John Harwood and didn't realize it was considered off the record.

I don't think it was right for anything that is "OVERHEARD," be put out as public opinion. The President has a right to his own opinion. I agree Kanye was an "ass."

Source: AP News


Barry Burns said...

I think obama is cool and kanye just needs a reality check but things should clear up soon with a possible chance of bull shit and a slight breeze of more shit in from the west...

Villager said...

Happy WW! Kanye is a fool ... and the President spoke truth!

President Jimmy Carter and others remind us that Racism in America is still a problem in the 21st century.

peace, Villager