Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mother Tied Up Disabled Son- Kept Him A Secret for 35 years

Police Officers in Omaha Nebraska were shocked to see a 40 year old man standing in a driveway near 19th Streetand Miami last Wednesday. The man claimed he had been chained in his house by his mother.
The police report said the officer spoke with the man and determined his 60-year-old mother, Patricia Wofford, had locked him inside the house.

Wofford is scheduled to make her first court appearance Friday morning. The accusations come as a shock to neighbors, one of whom said she didn’t even know Wofford had a son. One of her neighbors, Pearl Blount as quoted as saying, ""Ever since I've known her, I never known that she had any kids that age," Wofford reportedly tells police the reason she tied her son up was to go to work, because she had no one to watch him. If convicted Wofford could spend up to five years in prison. She'll be back in court in November. In the meantime, she has been released from jail



Anonymous said...

She people like this should not have children

Regina said...

WTH!! Craziness! The world is going mad! Hey I think I remember a story line like this in the first year of Desperate Housewives.
Have a great weekend!

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