Friday, November 13, 2009

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As recently as two years ago Mike Tyson was Tyson was convicted of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor DUI in Arizona. He was placed on 3 years probation. One of the conditions -- Tyson can't violate any laws. So here we go again. Mike,  Mike whatcha doing man? Tyson's spokeswoman Tammy Brook had said the boxer was traveling with his wife and 10-month-old child on November 11 when he was attacked by overly aggressive paparazzi following which the 43-year-old acted in self-defense to protect his child.
An airport police spokesman had said the incident happened at a United Airlines ticket counter and that the photographer accused Tyson of hitting him.

Currently Arizona is now looking into the possibility that this altercation might be grounds for violation of his probation. I think if you are a boxer, sadly your hands are viewed as lethal weapons. Reports are the photographer got jacked up. Sad for Mike  (especially after the recent death of his daughter). Many in the entertainment field can empathize with him.

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