Friday, November 05, 2010

BART officer gets 2 years in fatal shooting

Well, for those of us who live near Oakland California, it is indeed a sad day for us. We realize now that justice is for those who truly have the means to buy it.

Johannes Mehserle will get credit for time he's already spent behind bars since he was charged in the shooting of 22-year-old Oscar Grant on a train platform on January 1, 2009, a judge ruled Friday.

Okay we gave a 22 month sentence to Michael Vick for what he did to a dog and 2 years (with only possible 7 months served) for a man shooting someone.

What is wrong with that picture?

Mehserle told Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Perry before sentencing Friday that he would be willing to go to prison if the sentence made his city and family safer.

"I shot a man," he said. "I killed a man. It should not have happened."

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