Monday, November 15, 2010

Ethics trial continues after Rangel Walks Out

Charles Rangel thought by saying, "I have no lawyer," that would postpone the trial. WRONG!!

According to yahoo news, "WASHINGTON – Shortly after veteran Rep. Charles Rangel of New York walked out of his trial  in protest, a House panel began closed-door deliberations Monday, on 13 counts of alleged financial and fundraising misconduct that could bring formal condemnation.
The panel met for several hours before quitting. Deliberations were to resume Tuesday.

Only recently one of the most powerful members of Congress, Rangel was reduced to pleading in vain for colleagues to give him time to raise money for a lawyer before taking up the charges. The 80-year-old congressman left even before they said no, and the rare proceeding — only the second for this type of hearing in two decades — went on without him.

It is white collar crime that is hurting America, not stuff like smoking a stick of weed. 

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