Thursday, April 04, 2013

Mom wants Mattel to have party favors for black-themed barbie

I personally would not be fighting Mattel for products they do not want to carry. I can't remember how many times I wanted to buy  my daughters black barbies an the store was out. Why? The fact is many black Barbie is considered a "collector's items" for many people. I never realized there were no party accessories if you were a person of color and wanted a themed party with black Barbie.
Currently Karen Braithwaite is spearheading and online petition on calling for Mattel to offer a more multicultural range of Barbie accessories. The petition currently has over 2,600 signatures.

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Lady Banana said...

My daughters had a black Barbie.. when they grew up I guess we got rid of it, I don't remember what happened to most of the toys now.

Wish we had kept her as they are not around here now.

I think Barbie and all associated bits and bobs should come in all colours, it's ridiculous being just white!