Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston Saga

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You know I would say that Bobby and Whitney are a disgrace as parents and all other manner of negative things, however who are we to judge. We don't have the media in our backyards every minute. We don't have the tabloids report when we blow our nose or wipe our ass.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houstons marriage is only unique because the press and media make it so. A family judge ordered the singer arrested if he sets foot in Massachusetts after Brown failed to show for a hearing Monday over delinquent child support payments.

Brown's attorney said it's a "very difficult time" for Brown, 37, whose tumultuous marriage to Whitney Houston is coming to an end. She filed for a legal separation earlier this month.

I think as both of them reflect on the rocky road of drugs, promiscuity, lies, acholism that has plagued their marriage they know in the end that it is the children that have suffered.

One of Bobby's relatives says the 14 year marriage eventually collapsed earlier this month after the relationship "jusspiraleded out of control".

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The source - a relative of Bobby's - revealed to America's People magazine: "They fought like cats and dogs. They would fight about what to eat for dinner, about who wasn't cleaning out the dishwasher. Stupid things.

"They were always yelling."

The source added: "I am not going to pretend that Bobby was a perfect husband - he's not, but it's not like he just ran around with anyone. The marriage was broken."

Bobby recently revealed he was "saddened" by his pending divorce from Whitney.

The singer filed for a legal separation on September 8.

Talking about the break-up for the first time, Bobby, 39, explained: "I'm really saddened by the whole situation."

Whitney and Bobby tied the knot in the grounds of her five-acre, $11 million mansion in New Jersey on July 18 1992.

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The ones that suffer the most....the children

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