Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fox Trapped in the Hole

Imprisoned rapper Foxy Brown has hit out at reports she was placed in solitary confinement because she refused to take a drug test, insisting her poor hearing is to blame.

The hip-hop star -- real name Inga Marchand -- was sentenced to 76 days of "punitive segregation" earlier this week after violating three rules at Rikers Island jail. The 28-year-old was alleged to have been involved in a fight with another inmate, was verbally abusive to staff and refused a random drug test.

But Brown's manager, Chaz Williams, claims her separation was simply a misunderstanding -- because of her temperamental hearing aid.

He tells, "Really she didn't hear the request. She has a battery-operated device and sometimes it dies out." "There was an incident where a girl attempted to confront her and she stood her ground, but there wasn't any contact. Words were exchanged and that was it."

Brown was ordered to serve a year behind bars last month after a New York judge ruled she had violated the terms of her probation.

Whatever the real story, she is prolonging her jail sentence if she doesn't stay in compliance of the rules.



Yobachi said...

Mmmm, hmm

76 days is a long time in segregation. Home girl better get it together.

And she's going threw all this over dumb shit she should have never done. Just so she could throw temper tantraums.

iriegal said...

I know huh? I use to have mad respect for her talent. As a recording artist she overcame so many things to get her name out there. I hope she does get it together.