Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barack Obama-Hilary Clinton- A bit testy ?

Well, it was kinda depressing to see the Democratic debate on Monday. A day that was a National Holiday for a man who tried to bring unity, Dr. Martin Luther King. Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama trade barbs back and forth throughout the whole debate.
Clinton accused Obama of consorting with slum lords and praising Republican Presiden Ronald Reagan. Obama countered with the fact that Bill Clinton (former President) had distorted his record and he felt that he was running against not one, but both Clintons.

He was quoted as saying, " I can't tell who I am running against sometimes."

Poor John Edwards tried to get some attention, but often times he just kinda watched.
In front of a mostly black audience, the one issue that didn't really come up during the debate, held on the national holiday honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was race.

The sad thing is that I am sure many people tuned out of this debate, missing probably some key issues that would of helped them in making a decision which politician would best fit the office.

I hope in the coming primaries that both Hillary and Obama get back on track an that is to let us know what you can do for America.

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