Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Name For P.Diddy

Yeah, well Mediatakeout.com is reporting that P.Diddy is changing his name to get this.

(drum roll please)......Sean John.

Wow, what will people do with all those "Diddy", "Puffy" and "P.Diddy" shirts...(imma sell mine on Ebay).

This man really needs a hobby, maybe he can help Britney Spears out and give her a BAD GIRL contract

Source: Mediatakeout.com

and Showbiz


Anonymous said...

fyi...mediatakeout is a horrible source for new info...try any other celeb gossip website but that one. known for horrible fabrications.

iriegal said...

Yeah, mediatakeout.com are not the most reputable source and I try to avoid them but in this case P.Diddy did hold a press conference to announce it.

I just liked the picture they chose...very controversial