Thursday, January 03, 2008

Barack Obama- upset?

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Well, it is beginning to look like "Christmas" (all over again) for Barack Obama. Obama, who if elected would become the first African-American president, has put himself in the running to win today's caucuses by stressing his willingness to reach across political divides and calling for an end to partisan vitriol.

One of the things I like about Obama is he has not polarized the the politcal arena. This was done by both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He has managed to state his platform clearly and without a separatist mentality.

I remember when Tiger Woods first entered into the golf arena, as a viable contender. It seemed that many felt Tiger would "bring in all the ghetto influence" and the golf course and country clubs would be turned into a "crips or bloods" hangout. They were so concerned about that they forgot to notice the man could "really" play.

I feel the same thing with Barack Obama. SO MANY are focused on his skin color that they have not taken the time to listen to what his is really saying. What he is proposing for America. American boasts of its diversity, but in the hundreds of years of political rule not once has the "good ole boys" thought allowing one of its DIVERSE members to run successfully as a political candidate...UNTIL NOW.

Sadly he has been stated to show rejection of racial politics has, however, stirred dissatisfaction among some old-guard civil rights leaders, including Jackson, who in November accused Obama of not emphasizing enough "the plight of African-Americans."

I for one like the fact he has NOT done that. This is not a BLACK AND WHITE race, this is a RACE to determine who is fit to run this country. He is not representing BLACK AMERICA, he is representing AMERICA. Hilary is not representing FEMALES, she is representing AMERICA. I feel this would make a real advancement for this country if EITHER of them won.

Just my opinions.

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Well said, well said. I'm not voting bcuz ur blk, white, female's who I THINK would best serve the country.