Thursday, January 03, 2008

Family Arrested Due to Son wearing Saggy Pants

Yes this is true, in Palm Beach, Florida a family of six were arrested due to a melee that cops stated were prompted by sagging pants.

A sheriff's report released Monday suggests the number of patrol cars on hand to arrest members of the Leger family could have topped 30. A police helicopter and at least two canine units also were present, according to eyewitness accounts. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office continued to defend it's show of force.

Acccording to the Palm Beach Post, Capt Greg Ritcher stated, "Officers do respond, and they respond in mass," "It's always better to have more officers than you need." According to the reports, deputies arrested 20-year-old Frantz Leger, a Florida State University business sophomore, without a disturbance after a security guard recognized him in the mall's food court around 7 p.m. and notified deputies.

"The reason he was trespassed the first time was because of his behavior when he was asked to raise his pants," mall spokeswoman Rachelle Crain said. Sheriff's officials initially said it was for the low-riding pants.

Less than a half hour later, though, she backtracked on that statement. "I really don't have all that info," Crain said. " I'm really not able to speak accurately to that. I really don't have that documentation. Anything I would tell you would be my opinion." The mall now is declining further comment and instead referring the media to the sheriff's office. Elsewhere, in places like Louisiana and New Jersey, local officials have not been shy about barring and criminalizing sagging pants. Opelousas, La. declared it a misdemeanor to wear pants too low. Violators face a $500 fine and possibly jail time. Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters also is collecting signatures to end the practice there.

The head of Mall Security, Rachelle Crain states, "
"Wear what you want to wear, but be respectful of other people as well," Viera said. "Come on, I have a 4-year-old daughter. I don't want to see that."
He went on to say,
"Wellington is predominantly wealthy people, and wealthy people don't want to see it,"

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Wow...this family looks like they've seen some things.

I'm not and ever will be down for saggy pants. I tell my son's friends unless you're getting ready to come out of the closet u better pull those pants up now!

And I told my son, previously,u know u better not have pants hanging off ur butt with that bubble booty u have! been alright ever since.