Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Controversial Comments Towards Tiger Woods

I think sometimes folks get too happy on interviews. Such was the case of golfer Kelly Tighman. She stated on the Golf Channel last Friday that Tilghman, who never played on the LPGA Tour, said golf's young players should "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley."

Tilghman is a former Blue Devil golfer (what is it with the Duke teams anyways...sigh). She co-hosted the channel last week during the Mercedes Benz Championship.

Tiger doesn't claim his black side though so I don't even know why folks would make a big deal about what she said. She is of course showing her ignorance (in my opinion ) by that comment.

At minimum,She should at least face a suspension. Some will surely call for a firing.

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humm said...

The way I see it: stupid is as stupid does.Though hardly as revolting or obscene as George bush's war, her words were stupid and at some point stupidity has to ante up. Whether suspended or not, I just wish at times she wouldn't say anuthing rather than blather on like she does.