Sunday, January 06, 2008

San Francisco's Dirty Secret

Hidden in SanFrancisco's
Visitacion Valley is an area known as Sunnydale. An area riddled with unbelievable crime. One of the city's poorest and most volatile neighborhoods. When one talks of Vis Valley an Bay-View Hunter's point, it can only be compared to some neighborhoods in the Cabrini Greens section of Chicago, or the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn N.Y.

Sunnydale, is a lot of ways, is the core of what you could call Forgotten San Francisco. It's distant. Situated on the extreme southeast edge of the city, near the Cow Palace, the decrepit micro-neighborhood is a long bus ride from anywhere. It's poor. According to San Francisco Housing Authority figures, the average annual income in public housing is $11,601. The bulk of the population is African American.

People live here, amid subsidized housing apartment and then they die here. Often times very violent deaths.

Mention Sunnydale to white folks and half the time they'll think you're talking about Sunnyvale,San Francisco Chronicle covers the area, a chunk of Visitacion Valley, is when someone gets murdered – and even on that front, Sunnydale seems to get far less ink than Bayview-Hunters Point, even though it's nearly as brutal. a Silicon Valley town 38 miles down the peninsula. Suffice it to say that the only time the

Last year and estimated 88 murders were committed in the area. Keith, "Kilo" Perry who has a barbershop in the area knows how well these rough streets can claim lives. He has on his wall a poster of 20 men who were killed in the area. No ordinary barbershop picture.



That's deplorable!! isn't the mayor black? what is he doing about that problem?

iriegal said...

The current Mayor is white. This mayor wants to keep this a "dirty" secret from the public. He does not want to tarnish the image of San Francisco.

Trolley cars my ass. Their are people dying there every day